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Announcing Zoom Player v5.00 Preview 7

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Posted 15 July 2006 - 04:10 AM

On top of the changes listed below, there have been quite a bit of improvement since preview 6. Two new navigation interfaces (Play History, Equalizer), vastly improved play list navigator, graphic refresh for all navigators and some new functionality thrown in as well.

Several bugs which were introduced in preview 6 have been resolved (most visible fix being the audio/video renderer setting not being remembered in ZP Standard).

The navigators are still not 100% inter-connected and not all have been rewritten yet, the minimal to-do list for beta 1 is:
1. Fully interconnect all navigators (still missing: color, file browser and go to).
2. Fully rewrite all navigator to the new standard (still missing: "color and file browser").
3. Fully rewrite options dialog to make it more straight forward.
4. Rewrite context-menus to make them more straight forward.

There may be other changes, but these are the big ones we would like to see prior to the next stage in development.

Download v5.00 Preview 7

Changes from v4.51:
* Smart Media Mode (previously Customized Media Mode) has been
	vastly simplified.  In the simple mode, only the available
	profiles and the currently used filters are visible.  If the
	currently used filter matches a profile (which it most always
	will), the profile will be highlighted.

	Smart Media Mode is now available in all version of Zoom Player
	to a lesser degree.

  * The Keyboard Editor will now let you create Global HotKeys.
	These are functions assigned to keys that are active even if
	Zoom Player itself is not the active application.

  * The Auto-Get Duration for media files has been rewritten to
	get the duration in the background (working only on unused CPU
	cycles), allowing you to load massive play lists without having
	to wait.

	Getting durations for media files also supports more formats
	and is now enabled by default.

  * New Equalizer Navigator (Shift+"Q"), allowing you to access
	Equalizer settings through the navigation system.

  * New Play History Navigator (Shift+"H"), allowing you to return
	to previously played files (if they still exist).

  * New "ZPS" Skin Installation System.  Simply opening any
	"ZPS" file (file with a .zps extension) will run Zoom Player
	and prompt you to install the skin.

  * New Functions allowing you to play the Next and Previous files
	in the same directory as the currently playing file with a
	matching file extension.  These functions are now assigned to the
	"PgUp" and "PgDn" navigational keys when navigator interfaces
	are not visible.

	For example, when viewing "MyImage.jpg" in a directory that looks
	like this:


	Pressing "PgDn" will show "MyImage2.jpg", skipping "MyImage.avi"
	These functions enhance Zoom Player's capability as an image viewer.

  * New Functions (Accessible on the Play List's right-click context menu)
	allowing you to move selected items to the top/bottom of the play list.

  * New Function (Shift+"L") allowing you to show/hide the all Control Bar
	buttons (without the need to select/remove which buttons are visible).
	This function has also replaced the Hide/Show All Control Bar buttons
	on the Control Bar Context-Menu.  You will now be presented with
	a "Hide All Button" toggle (with a checkbox indicating ON/OFF state).

  * New Function "fnDeleteCurrent", Assigned by default to the Delete key
	(when the navigational interfaces are not in use), allowing you to
	erase the currently playing file (with confirmation).  

  * New Function (Shift+"Esc") allowing you to close all navigational
	interfaces.  If no navigators are visible, this function does nothing.

  * New Settings (Advanced Options / OSD / OSD Area), allowing you
	to force all OSD Displays (Navigators, OSD Actions, Control Bar,
	etc...) to display relative to a specific position on screen
	(while in fullscreen).  When enabled, it allows you to Zoom/Move
	the video without it having an effect on the positioning of the
	On Screen Display elements.

  * New Setting (Skin Selector / Save Position).  When enabled,
	each skin's position (window position and size) will be remembered
	on an individual basis.

  * New Setting (Advanced Options / Values / Aspect Ratio) allowing you
	specify which monitor you want Source Relative Stretch (Pixel Aspect
	Ratio) to apply to.

  * New Setting (Advanced Options / Values / Interface) allowing you
	to blank (black-out) all secondary monitors (any monitor not
	currently playing video).

  * New Setting (Advanced Options / Values / Interface) allowing you
	to enable the Internal Screen Saver for Audio-Only files (so that
	the Internal Screen Saver would kick-in even if the file is playing).

  * New Setting (Advanced Options / Filter Control / Windows Media)
	allowing you to use the "WMAPro over S/PDIF" DMO filter to output
	Windows Media Audio through the S/PDIF port.  This setting requires
	that you use an external Receiver with Windows Media Audio capabilities.

  * The GoTo dialog now allows you to input a time to seek to using
	an HH:MM:SS.ms structure.  The input is pretty flexible, allowing
	variants such as H:M:S, M:S, S.ms, etc...

  * Pressing Ctrl+"V" on the GoTo dialog pastes the clipboard value
	into the "H:M:S.ms" Time field.

  * New Setting on the GoTo dialog allowing you to keep the dialog
	open even after seeking to a new location.
	(Useful for FanSub Editors)

  * The current time in MS is now visible on the GoTo dialog.

  * New "Remove Non-Exisiting Entries" button on the Play History
	interface, allowing you to remove old entries where the file no
	longer exists on the system.

  * Automatic support for Audio file image support by base name.
	For example, if you have "song.mp3" and "song.jpg" in the same
	directory, "song.jpg" will automatically load as a folder image.

  * New "FolderImage" Skin-Script function allowing you to draw the
	folder image anywhere within the main user interface.

  * The "VolumeExData", "BalanceExData" and "RateExData" Skin-Script
	functions can now use a Target parameter allowing you to place a
	Volume, Balance and Rate Control interfaces on the Play List Editor,
	Equalizer and Control Bar.

  * SHOUTcasted audio information (Title, Author, URL, Copyright,
	Description) can now be accessed by the following Skin-Script tags:
	<trackname>, <artistname>, <urllink>, <copyright>, <comment>.

  * New "<Volume>" Skin-Script tag, allowing you to display the current
	Audio Volume level percentage (0-100).

  * New "<FileIndex>" Skin-Script tag, allowing you to display the
	currently playing file's index number.

  * New "cBarTLMinWidth" Skin-Script constant allowing you to specify
	the minimum width of the Control Bar's TimeLine (default 64 pixels).

  * The Skin Selection dialog now has an "Uninstall" button.

  * New "RN" tag for the Zoom Player Play List file format (".zpl")
	instructing Zoom Player to randomize the play list once loaded.

  * New Communication API Messages "2610, 2611, 2620, 2621, 2630, 2631,
	2640, 2641" allowing you to query the current video display area
	located within fullscreen mode and to set a new location/size.

  * New Communication API Messages "2700, 2701" allowing you to get
	and set the current Play Rate (Media Mode Fast Play/Slow Motion and
	DVD Mode Fast Forward/Slow Motion/Rewind rates).

  * New Communication API Message "5130" allowing you to execute
	navigational control functions.

  * New Communication API Message "1450" allowing you to request
	the Unique DVD Identifier information.

  * New DVD "Additional Filter", the "Trombettworks Channel Downmixer",

  * The Nero DVD Navigator is now a DVD Navigator option.

  * New support for ".FLV" (Flash Video) files (used on YouTube and
	several other locations).  You need a recent version of ffdshow
	(with the FLV1 codec support enabled) and the Gabest FLV Splitter
	to get the files to play.

  * New Smart Media support for WMV:AP (Windows Media Video:Advanced
	Profile).  You also need updated Windows Media decoders to play
	this new format (the decoders come with WMP 11 and possibly in
	a decoder pack from Microsoft).

  * New Smart Media profiles for several uncommon AVI/MOV codecs.

  * New Smart Media profiles for WavPack Audio.

  + The WMV DRM license aquisition code has been improved and you
	should no longer be required to use Windows Media Player to
	aquire licenses.

  + When running a new version for the first time, you will now be
	prompted only for important missing decoders.  The full list
	can still be found in the options dialog.

  + The missing decoders list in the Advanced Options dialog has been
	split into a list of Imporant decoders and All decoders in order
	to emphasize that not all decoders listed are required for
	general day to day media playback.  The Simple Options dialog will
	only show the Important decoders.

  + The Media Library interface should work faster on networked drives
	and uses less drive access.

  + The navigator erase confirmation dialog now returns to the
	navaigator it was called from.

  + The navigation interfaces can now work without any graphics
	(without the "NavData" directory).  Won't look very good though.

  + Integration into Windows Vista file association interface.
	Zoom Player should now appear as a supported program for all
	association extensions supported by Zoom Player.

  + Switching display resolution while in fullscreen should now react
	better with the main window covering the full display in the new
	resolution.  And if the display area covered the entire monitor,
	the display area is now modified to cover the new resolution.

  + Pressing Stop while already stopped (in media mode) will now return
	the playback position to its previous position.

  + The Default Play List skin has been tweaked a bit for usability
	and clarity.

  + The File and Media Library Navigators will now dynamically update
	their content when a removable media is inserted/removed.

  + The Blanking Navigator will now allow you to Ebable/Disable Blanking.

  + The Control Bar will now have a minimum width of 64 pixels for the
	timeline and whatever space the active Control Bar buttons take.

  + The Mouse Cursor over the Volume, Rate Control, Balance and
	Equazlier bars will now use the "Hand Point" mouse cursor.

  + The Fast Play/Slow Motion rates have changes slightly.

  + Showing the Control Bar now hides the navigator interfaces.

  + Better streaming support.

  + Customized Media Playback has been renamed to "Smart Media Playback".

  + Updated Smart Media profiles to account for Elecard v4's change
	of filter identifications. 

  + The "Mouse Wheel" section of the Options Dialog has been renamed
	to "Mouse" and the "Mouse Toggles" section has moved under it.

  + The Skinning Constants "<filename>", "<filetitle>" and "<filebase>"
	in DVD Mode will now display the DVD Title instead of the file name
	(which when playing DVDs always points to "VIDEO_TS.IFO".  This is
	simply more informative.

  + Pressing Enter in the GoTo dialog without any fields filled will
	now seek to the current position (useful for Subbing).

  + The Information Dialog (Press "I") now shows an approximate bitrate
	as calculated using size of the file being played when DirectShow
	doesn't return a valid bitrate.

  + Playing external audio tracks should now maintain proper
	synchronization when seeking.  Playing external tracks will
	also create improved graphs.

  + The Sort by Date feature now sorts new files first.

  + "Play List Editor display moves to follow currently playing track"
	setting now centers the currently playing track within the list
	(instead of having it appear at the top of the list).

  + The Smart Media Mode Source Filter selection now allows you to add
	DMO filters as post processors.

  + Improved shortcut support.  When loading shortcuts, instead of loading
	the shortcut into the play list, the entry is replaced by the file
	the shortcut is pointing to.

	Furthermore, you can now use shortcut files in the file and media
	library navigators.

  + The Sub-Type list on the Audio/Video Smart Media Mode configuration
	dialog will now display the FourCC code for each Sub-Type.

  + The Blanking Navigator key has been changed from "K" to Shift+"K" in
	order to prevent accidental activation.

  + The File Navigator key has been changed from "E" to Shift"F" in
	order to prevent accidental activation.

  + The Scene-Cut and GoTo interfaces now require the use of
	Zoom Player Professional.

  - Audio Renderers containing "00" in their device name (such as the
	"SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio [A400]") could have disabled audio under some

  - Trying to run multiple instances all using the same TCP/IP port
	will no longer crash with a bind error.

  - Flash files should now play in the proper aspect ratio on display
	devices that do not use square pixels.

  - OSD Messages wider than the monitor will now be cut to fit the monitor.

  - Possible fix for VMR9 Renderless Exclusive fullscreen mode where
	icons may have flashed.

  - Zoom Player can now use/display BMP files created with Photoshop.
	(Recent versions of PhotoShop create improperly formatted BMP files).

  - Zoom Player user interface elements will now snap to the Visible
	Work Area (Task Bar rather than the Monitor border).

  - When Zoom Player was set to save its configuration file
	locally, or when using an alternative window name,
	Zoom Player would not load files from external programs if
	it was already open.

  - Auto-Disable DVD Subtitles and Preferred DVD Subtitles are now
	mutually exclusive (with warning message).

  - When Detached, The Control Bar can now be resized from the right
	as well as the left sides of the interface.

  - Better handling of filters that change the duration of the
	currently playing media in real-time (such as TSFileSource).

  - You should now be able to erase the currently playing file from
	within the Media Library Navigator.

  - Mid-Stream aspect ratio changes should now work better (was not
	working well when switching DVB TV-Channels).

  - Switching to Audio Mode from DVD Mode and then back to DVD Mode
	would load the Media Mode skin instead of the DVD Mode skin.

  - A few stability tweaks to the skin parsing engine (better handling
	of badly written skin-script).

  - The setting to prevent Zoom Player from using Smart Media
	Playback by the extension of the file being played was not
	working properly.

  - Fixed a possible stability issues with Smart Media Playback
	and problematic filters.

  - A System-Sound would play when trying to exit Zoom Player using
	the TCP Interface.

  - The Definition File "SetAudioSync" setting wasn't being applied
	when playing DVDs.

  - Using the "/F" or "/Z" parameters while Zoom Player is already
	fullscreen on a secondary monitor could cause the display to move
	to the primary monitor.	

  - The Change Resolution on Fullscreen feature may not have properly
	covered the video area.

  - The Search area background color on the Play List Editor was not
	being set properly for the default skin.

  - When ejecting DVDs as they are playing, Zoom Player may have tried
	to automatically replay them causing a DVD Not Found error to pop.

  - The Navigator Background skin code definition would only accept
	the image if it existed in the root skin directory.

  - The Navigator Background skin code definition was ignored if no
	icon file was set.

  - Automatic Save/Restore of the last position for ".dvr-ms" and ".ts"
	files was not working correctly.

  - Scene-Cut would malfunction under certain conditions (especially
	when trying to use it in combination with ".dvr-ms" files).

  - The Play List Editor Window sizes would glitch if closing
	Zoom Player while the Play List Editor was maximized.

  - When Zoom Player was set to disable the Windows Screen Saver
	in fullscreen mode, it could under some conditions cause
	hardware powerdown not to activate after Zoom Player was closed.

  - When scrolling on the Play History or the Key Editor, the
	screen will now update while scrolling.

  - Audio files will now be listed in the Play History even if the
	setting not to remember the last position for audio files is enabled.

  - Removing the currently playing file from the play list would not
	clear the file name from the Task Bar or Tray Icon.

  - The "<track>" Skin Script value wasn't being cleared when a file
	was closed.

  - Sorting the play list could lead to the currently playing item
	highlight on the play list editor to show the wrong file.

  - Moving items in the Play List up/down could fail on unicode files.

  - The Gradient skin commands were not being effected by the skin tint.

  - Several Option dialog tabs may have not translated properly when
	a unicode translation was used.

  - Using a forced duration value in a Zoom Player Play List file would
	carry over the duration to the next file in the play list if it
	did not have a forced duration.

  - The Pop-Up OSD Action message would not show Unicode characters
	properly under some conditions.

  - Pressing Enter in the Station Navigator when the navigator contained
	no entires would have caused a crash.

  - Switching from DVD Mode to Audio Mode and trying to select a
	different skin, would set the skin to the DVD Mode and not
	the Audio Mode.

  - Closing the Player when the screen saver is active on a secondary
	monitor caused Zoom Player to crash and not close properly.

  - Opening a URL from the command line would have caused it to open
	using uppercase, which some servers would not accept as a correct
	location for the item.

  - Communication API Message 2500 would only transmit if a specific
	play on insert setting was enabled.  It will now always transmit
	if a new disc/drive was inserted.

  - Enabling the TCP/IP interface using an Extended Function did not
	properly enable the interface.
  - Some cosmetic glitches when using XP Themes.

  - Grid Interfaces (Play History, Key Editor etc...) now respect
	the windows color scheme.

Some Eye Candy:
Posted Image

More Eye Candy:
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Posted 15 July 2006 - 06:36 PM

This version has many nice touches, some of which were pleasantly surprizing (like the choose-your-monitor for Source Relative Stretch! Very excellent!), so thanks for keeping your eyes open and ears to the ground, listening to what we users are looking for!

I was going to throw that up in any event; I got an error right off the bat, mind you: listening to some Flac files, dragged and dropped a whole bunch into the main screen after opening it; first track played fine, then I got an access violation during the transition to the second track:
Access violation at address 7C910F29 in module 'ntdll.dll'. Read of address 00000000.
Thanks again for the hard work. It is certainly appreciated by me, and I'm sure, countless others.

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Posted 15 July 2006 - 06:42 PM

The file navigator seems broken again. Other then that everything is nice so far. It no longer highlights the currently playing file and no longer allows you to switch drives.


That is if the left pane is disabled you cant select drives.

I also just ran into a bug. If a file is playing and you press delete it will ask if you want to move the file to the recycle bin. If you press OK it will do it as you asked. However if you are in full screen and do it when you go back into window mode the skin will be disabled and the window will be all black.


OK that bug has nothing to do with moving the file to the recycle bin. Just pressing stop while in full screen seems enough to cause the skin to go all black.

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Posted 16 July 2006 - 10:05 AM

New navigators are great.
But can anybody say how to set a custom font size in these great new navigators?
The "file browser" is OK.
But not "main", "media library", "play list" and so on, where the font size cannot be set.
Maybe, I simply don't know how?

BTW, this font size changes when you change the window size. Why and what for?
How can I set a fixed font size?

And one question more: is it possible to make those new navigators transparent?

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#5 bLight


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Posted 17 July 2006 - 03:16 AM

Not possible to make them transparent, there's no "good way" to do it with stability without requiring a rigid setup.

You can't change the font sizes, but in beta 1, you should have an option to select "more" or "less" lines in the navigators which will effect the font size (and the number of lines obviously).

And the whole point is to have everything stretch when the window size changes, it's what makes the interface look the same on different display devices.

File navigator works fine here, try erasing this key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VirtuaMedia\ZoomPlayer, "FileNavPath"

If erasing it fixes the problems, let me know.

And the entire interface is on track for integration into the new design.

There seem to be some problem with CoreFLAC and certain systems, I'm not sure what and it shouldn't matter which version of ZP you're using.

#6 ecb



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Posted 17 July 2006 - 05:28 AM

The only reason that I brought it up is because it was about the only imminently changed object on my system. I realize that it is plausibly the filter messing things up, however I haven't had this kind of trouble with the Core filter lately, it's been running smoothly, so I came around to suspecting it might be something else.

Evidently, I have jumped the gun a bit... damn it, though, if it didn't all come crashing down like a ton of bricks. All at once, these things acted up. Post hoc reasoning will do this sometimes.

#7 bLight


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Posted 17 July 2006 - 06:45 AM

What do you mean by "damn it, though, if it didn't all come crashing down like a ton of bricks. All at once, these things acted up. Post hoc reasoning will do this sometimes"

#8 Richard B

Richard B


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Posted 17 July 2006 - 10:37 AM

Ever the thrillseeker, I tried out 5p7 tonight.

It was looking good until I tried seeking a DVB-T transport stream. The result is very slow seek times - e.g. performing a 30 second skip forward takes a number of seconds to start playback again or sometimes longer (>20 seconds). For the longer delays we get the odd frame of video and bursts of audio until it all syncs up again.

For reference, I've tried this with both HDTVPump and TSFileSource as the source filters.
Audio Decoder: MPEG Decoder
Video Decoder: DScaler
Renderer: VMR9

These problems are new in 5p7 (5p6 works fine).

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Posted 17 July 2006 - 10:53 AM

Removing that reg entry does not restore the file navigator. I'll just re enable the left pane for now as the interface is under work and it will change soon anyway.

#10 saeba



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Posted 17 July 2006 - 12:54 PM

The keyboard command to bring up the file navigator changed (from "e" to "F"). This caused a bit of confusion for me as I use a Firefly remote to control zoomplayer. Had to go figure out what happened and then how to change the remote mapping (there's an XML file, ZoomPlayer-Inmatrix-3.3.xml, in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SnapStream\Firefly\Profiles that I changed). Back in business. While I was at it, I changed the font used in the navigator to arial narrow so that long file names would better display. Cool!

#11 bLight


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Posted 18 July 2006 - 09:46 AM

The file navigator code was rewritten today (you'll see it next release) and there was a bug where the currently playing file would not pop-up when opening the navigator (bug fixed).

Richard B:
Not live stream, right? an MPEG2 Transport Stream file? Can you please double check and also see if the same filters are used in both versions?

#12 Richard B

Richard B


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Posted 18 July 2006 - 01:00 PM

Not live stream, right? an MPEG2 Transport Stream file? Can you please double check and also see if the same filters are used in both versions?

Ok, my bad. It seems to have changed me to Dscalar when I updated. The old version was using Intervideo. I've changed it back and it seems to be ok now. Will give it a bit more of a workout.


#13 ExtraEye



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Posted 18 July 2006 - 05:58 PM

the latest release seems more like a "beta" than a "preview" release. i really like the changes and additions you made. first there's the navigator which is excelent and secondly you added the globl hotkeys which makes using zoom player much more comfortable so thank you for that. i made the navigator start when i press ctrl+Enter blobaly but although it works that far there's no way to move up and down the selection of files and folders without focusing on the player. so i was looking around and couldn't find a way to make global hotkeys for file selection (moving up and down the list). like making ctrl+down arrow a global hotkey for selecting files through the navigator.

other than that i still have the problem i reported with exclusive fullscreen mode. i get an error messege everytime i pull back from full screen and zoom player is minimized. if you don't remember, this happened in older versions too and didn't happen when i tried using the default settings (thus we concluded some setting is causing this).
i even tried to check what was causing this but sadly couldn't, for some wierd reason, go back to the default settings of zoom player :/

another problem im experiencing with the new version: the "always on top" stops working every time a new video is played. so to reanable it i need to toggle the "stay on top" function off and then on again.

#14 Crowley



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Posted 18 July 2006 - 06:02 PM

Everytime I try to open the file navigator ZP hangs for 30 seconds, due to an unreachable network drive, regardless whether I want to browse this drive or not. Is it somehow possible to remove this drive from the file navigator?

#15 ecb



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Posted 18 July 2006 - 06:18 PM

It is kind of like this: *now* I'm having trouble with my HD program as well, after upgrading it (as well as the video drivers). Additionally, as I mentioned elsewhere on the forums, I get stuttering when I use the Cyberlink timestretch filter after this "let's upgrade some programs" activity [I've got it in my filters file, so it's added to all graphs. It worked perfectly well until the other day when I upgraded these things.]--every few seconds, the picture hangs and I can't synch the audio up anymore, really.

So then (after trying to patch up the HD thing as per their tech support, I uninstalled the video drivers a few times and went back to old ones, then re-upgraded to the near-bleeding edge 91.33 beta drivers (I originally used the 91.31, then I noticed [again] your comment about their bugginess, so I rolled-back to the 85s I had))--so anyway--when I went back to watch a video, I discovered that I get another error with ZP when it loads up:
Access violation at address 00525726 in module 'zplayer.exe'. Read of address 00000000.
[with DVD playback I get error 80004005, "unspecified error"]
Right? So right now, I can't really watch much in the cushy way I was accustomed. It's, like, WMP or nothing! :(

Also: where can the preview 6 be found now? I'd like to revert to see what, if any, effect that has.

Edit: oh, and that banding thing on the timeline in non-fullscreen is still happening even though I only have the default Silverchrome Plus skin installed now.

#16 Mastiff



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Posted 18 July 2006 - 08:28 PM

the latest release seems more like a "beta" than a "preview" release.

And if Blight was Micro$oft it would be a release + Service Pack 2 version! :( I'm using it extensively (all though just basic playback), and it hasn't got any problems as far as I have seen. Except for the constant nagging about getting an OSD for renderless playback (but that mainly comes from me, so I can't blame Blight for that...). ;)

#17 The Pezman

The Pezman


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Posted 18 July 2006 - 11:21 PM

I opened up file navigator today. Since the Media Library option isn't working right yet, file navigator is the closest way I can switch songs from directly within the player. For the most part, it works fine, no complaints. But when I absentmindedly doubleclicked on a folder, more often than not I found myself in the wrong one. I quickly realized this was because of the "go to where I click" option featured in the file navigator. It made navigation quite difficult, since during the short interval of my double click the list would head elsewhere and put me in a different folder. Could we take that click feature out (or at least make it an option) and throw in a scroll bar instead?

Also, will ZP5's final Media Navigator read ID3 (i.e. put the songs in track order)? Biggest disadvantage I've seen of this player so far.

Is the equalizer navigation feature really needed? It looks kind of awkward, and we already have the equalizer ability embedded within ZP's skin. Looks very pretty. I'm a little confused as to what the equilizer navigator accomplishes that the eq window doesn't.

#18 bLight


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Posted 19 July 2006 - 10:12 AM

Check if you enabled the setting to bring the player to front when playing a new file. It may interact with the Stay On Top.

As for Beta vs Preview. Functionality wise, this is almost a release candidate, the only reason it's being referred to as Preview is that some of the features are not completely inter-connected right now and the entire options dialog is being rewritten. We may even skip the beta and go directly into release candidate once these are complete.

You're not supposed to minimize exclusive fullscreen mode... It's like minimizing a fullscreen DirectX game, it's not something you do and maintain stability.

Sorry, no. My guess is that ZP is querying the drive and windows doesn't return control to ZP for 30 seconds. You may want to switch from the file navigator to the media library which allows you to set specific paths.

You can still get preview 6 here:

Your description is a bit hectic, I'm not sure what your current situation is. Just double check that the same filters get used that you had working before.

The Pezman:
The entire navigation system is designed for remote/keyboard support. You can use it using the mouse, but not very well (using mouse-wheel to get to the item and then double click to play it, but it's not really designed for the mouse).

And this is the reason for the existance of the EQ navigator, setting Equalizer data using a remote/keyboard.

As for ID3 and more powerful navigation features, these will probably come in v5.10. A lot of the infastructure supporting meta-data interaction is already written, but specifics like sorting by TAG-Track data require more work. I will add this to the to-do list.

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Posted 19 July 2006 - 01:56 PM

I have found a bug in Preview 7 on my PC. If you open up a movie file (eg avi) in a folder that also has images (jpg's), and then use mousewheel to scroll to the next video in the folder (I have mousewheel down and up set to go forwards and backwards through a folder), ZP will open up the first jpg it comes to. It never used to do that. That's not the bug though. As well as not having any obvious option to disable ZP opening jpg files (there is also no association for jpg in ZP's association options), once ZP opens a jpg, it will stay there - scrolling to the next or previous file will not do anything. This is the bug. The only thing you can do is close ZP and not use it on folders that have more than video files in them.



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Posted 19 July 2006 - 02:45 PM

[quote name='Blight' date='Jul 19 2006, 10:12 AM' post='20598']
Check if you enabled the setting to bring the player to front when playing a new file. It may interact with the Stay On Top.

You're not supposed to minimize exclusive fullscreen mode... It's like minimizing a fullscreen DirectX game, it's not something you do and maintain stability.
i don't minimize it! i just go try to go back to windowed mode. my problem was discussed in this thread:

i was just saying it's still there.
im having problems going back to the default player settings.
this is what it says when i click: default.key
Registry Editor
Cannot import C:\Program Files\Zoom Player\default.key: The specified file is not a registry script.

You can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.
but i guess this doesn't really relate to here...

o.k i just realized i used the wrong file to restore the default settings. my bad. i'll try to find what setting created the problem now.

i can't believe it i finally found it. The function that made problems for exclusive mode was the option "Forcibly hide Windows TaskBar in Fullscreen/Zoom modes (can cause focus ussues with other windows)" in settings>Other

you should add "causes issues with fullscreen exclusive mode"...