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Announcing Zoom Player v4.50 release candidate 2

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#1 bLight


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Posted 22 June 2005 - 11:21 AM

My time is short, so I won't be able to answer most things on the forum till around sunday-monday. As you can see, the main inmatrix site has been overgoing a slow transformation, the graphics have been tweaked, the layout slightly changed, we have a new mascot, soon the front page itself will change and the new skinning site/database will be up (hopefully by the end of the month).

We're hoping to release the final version by the end of the month, or possibly July 4th. So please report any bug you haven't seen fixed as soon as possible.

Download v4.50 RC2

Changes from v4.50 RC1:
* New Enchancement to the Skinning code, allowing you to
   specify a negative group value to make sections of the
   skin only activate if the specified skin group is disabled.

 * The "fnPLItemUp" and "fnPLItemDown" functions which allow
   you to move items up and down within the Play List have
   now been assigned keyboard macros of "Alt+PgUp" and
   "Alt+PgDn".  These functions have also been extended to
   update the Play List Navigator, so that you can now
   re-order items within the Play List using a remote.

 * The Play List Navigator has been enhanced to accept the
   Navigational Insert key to toggle selection of the
   currently highlighted play list entry.  This ties into
   the above functions to allow you to re-order multiple
   items at once.  The color used for file selection
   is selectable under "Advanced Options / OSD / Navigators".

 * New Button on the Station Editor allowing you to play a new
   station by appending the station to the play list instead
   of clearing the play list.

 * New Communication API Message 1210.

 + The skin selection dialog has been changed so that single
   clicking on a selected skin will apply that skin while
   double clicking will apply the skin and close the dialog.

 + The Main GUI on the default skin has changed.  Some buttons
   graphics have been changed to be more windows-centric.  The
   Eject and Options buttons have been dropped (still accessible
   through the keyboard and the right-click context menu).

   The Equalizer and Switch to Audio Mode buttons have been moved
   in place of the Options and Eject buttons.

   The Minimalistic mode button has been removed (still
   accessible in several modes through the keyboard F4-F7 keys).

 + The Play List Editor GUI on the default skin has changed.
   By default, most of the buttons are no longer visible (their
   functionality is accessible through the right-click context
   menu).  However, by pressing the "+" button, you can have the
   Extra Controls appear.

 + The Brownish skin is no longer part of the official distribution,
   but would still be available through the Zoom Player Skin site.

 - Comm API messages 1603, 1703 wouldn't work if DVD Preferred
   Audio/Subtitle selection was enabled in the options dialog.

 - The /AR command line did not accept "0" (disabled AR) as
   a valid parameter.

 - DefaultSetting.exe will now delete "zplayer.local" as well.

 - Some language files may have gotten only partially loaded under
   some conditions.

 - Unicode text may not have been displayed properly in some of
   the dialog bevel elements.

 - Timeline text may have not been properly centered if unicode
   characters were part of the text.

 - The "click here to search" text entry on the play list editor
   may not have gotten its translated text to appear properly.

 - Girder Export Commands got broken again.

 - Trying to load an 0 byte play list or playing a non-existant
   play list off the internet could cause a crash.

#2 bLight


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Posted 22 June 2005 - 11:28 AM

Here is the latest Comm API:
When the SendMessage interface is used, the message number is returned
 on the "WParam" value and the message content is returned on the "LParam"
 value.  If the LParam contain a string, it is stored as an ATOM String.

 When the TCP interface is used, the message number is always returned/sent
 as a 4-digit code. The message content is seperated by a space character
 following the message number.  All content is string based and UTF-8
 encoded to preserve country specific text codes.

 When sending Zoom Player TCP commands, make sure to terminate each
 command with CRLF (Ascii #13#10)..

 The default TCP/IP port is 4769, but a user can change it under
 Advanced Options / Values / Interface.

 External Messages (ZP -> Program, TCP/IP or SendMessage):

 [WParam]                             | [LParam]
 0000 - Application Name              | String describing the Application
 0001 - Application Version           | String with the version text
 1000 - State Change                  | 0  - Closed
                                        1  - Stopped (doesn't apply to DVD,
                                                      DVD Stop = Closed)
                                        2  - Paused
                                        3  - Playing
 1010 - Current Fullscreen State      | 0  - Windowed
                                        1  - Fullscreen
 1100 - TimeLine update               | String containing timeline data
 1110 - Current Duration              | Current Duration in milliseconds
 1120 - Current Position              | Current Position in milliseconds
 1200 - OSD Message                   | String containing the OSD message
 1201 - OSD Message Off               | No value, message just tells that the OSD
                                        has disappeared
 1300 - Current Play Mode             | 0  - DVD Mode
                                        1  - Media Mode
                                        2  - Audio Mode
 1310 - TV/PC Mode                    | 0  - PC Mode
                                        1  - TV Mode (unused)
 1400 - DVD Title Change              | Current Title
 1401 - DVD Title Count               | Number of Titles
 1410 - DVD Domain Change             | See EC_DVD_DOMAIN_CHANGE in DirectX SDK
 1420 - DVD Menu Mode                 | 0  - Not in a Menu
                                      | 1  - In a Menu
 1450 - DVD Unique String             | Returns a unique DVD indentifer
 1500 - DVD Chapter Change            | Current Chapter
 1501 - DVD Chapter Count             | Number of Chapters
 1600 - DVD Audio Change              | Current Audio Track
 1601 - DVD Audio Count               | Number of Audio Tracks
 1602 - DVD Audio Name                | Contains the name of the Audio track and a
                                        padded number for example "001 5.1 AC3"
 1700 - DVD Sub Change                | Current Subtitle Track
 1701 - DVD Sub Count                 | Number of Subtitle Tracks
 1702 - DVD Audio Name                | Contains the name of the Subtitle track and a
                                        padded number for example "001 5.1 AC3"
 1750 - DVD Angle Change              | Current Angle
 1751 - DVD Angle Count               | Number of Angles in the DVD Title 
 1800 - Currently Loaded File         | String containing file name
 1810 - Current Play List             | String containing the Zoom Player Play List
                                        structure.  Each entry is separated by the
                                        ">" character.  Each entry is sub-divided
                                        into additional information:
                                        |N .. |n - Name
                                        |E .. |e - Extension
                                        |D .. |d - Date
                                        |S .. |s - Size
                                        |P .. |p - Path
                                        |R .. |r - Duration
                                        |F .. |f - Forced Duration
                                        It is possible addtional tags will be used
                                        in future version, so code safely.
 1855 - End of File                   | End of file has been reached
 1900 - File PlayList Pos             | String containing file
                                        position in play list
 2000 - Video Resolution              | String containing the
                                        video resolution (if there is one)
 2100 - Video Frame Rate              | String containing the
                                        video frame rate (if there is one)
 2200 - AR Change                     | String containing the AR String
                                        (same as OSD message)
 2210 - DVD AR Mode Change            | 0  - Unknown
                                        1  - Full-Frame
                                        2  - Letterbox
                                        3  - Anamorphic
 2300 - Current Audio Volume          | The current Audio Volume
 2400 - Media Content Tags            | Returns Media Content Strings
                                        (ID3/APE/WMA/Etc... Tags)
 2500 - A CD/DVD Was Inserted         | Returns path to drive the disc was inserted to
 3000 - ZP Error Message              | String of error messsage
                                        Note that there can be multiple errors
                                        appearing in sequence, only the last
                                        error may be visible by the user.
 3100 - Nav Dialog Opened             | A Navigator Dialog has opened
                                         0 - Blanking Navigator
                                         1 - Chapter Navigator
                                         2 - Context Navigator
                                         3 - File Navigator
                                         4 - GoTo Navigator
                                         5 - Media Library Navigator
                                         6 - MouseWheel Navigator
                                         7 - Color Control Navigator
                                         8 - Play List Navigator
                                         9 - Resize Navigator
                                        10 - Station Navigator
                                        11 - Web URL Navigator
 3110 - Nav Dialog Closed             | A Navigator Dialog has closed
                                        (Values are the same as #3100)
 3200 - Screen Saver Mode             | The ZP Screen Saver has:
                                        0 - Started
                                        1 - Ended
 5100 - ZP Function Called            | Value contains name of function
 5110 - ZP ExFunction Called          | Value contains name of function
 5120 - ZP ScanCode Called            | Value contains ScanCode.

 External Messages (Program -> ZP, TCP/IP only)
 Messages that contain parameters should be space seperated,
 for example: "5100 fnPlay"
 and a comma used to seperate multiple parameters,
 for example: "5110 exSetAR,1".

 0000 - Get Application Name          | Returns 0000 message
 0001 - Get Version                   | Returns 0001 message
 1000 - Get Play State                | Returns 1000 message
 1010 - Get Fullscreen State          | Returns 1010 message
 1110 - Get Current Duration          | Returns 1110 message
 1120 - Get Current Position          | Returns 1120 message
 1200 - Show a PopUp OSD Text         | Parameter is a UTF8 encoded text to be
                                        shown as a PopUp OSD
 1201 - Temp Disable PopUp OSD        | Temporarily Disables the PopUp OSD
 1202 - Re-Enable PopUp OSD           | Re-Enables the PopUp OSD
 1210 - Set OSD Visible Duration      | Value in Seconds
 1300 - Get Play Mode                 | Returns 1300 message
 1400 - Request DVD Title             | Returns 1400 message
 1401 - Request DVD Title Count       | Returns 1401 message
 1420 - Request DVD Menu Mode         | Returns 1420 message
 1500 - Request DVD Chapter           | Returns 1500 message
 1501 - Request DVD Chapter Count     | Returns 1501 message
 1600 - Request DVD Audio             | Returns 1600 message
 1601 - Request DVD Audio Count       | Returns 1601 message
 1602 - Request DVD Audio Names       | Returns 1602 message
 1603 - Set DVD Audio Track           | Set the DVD's Audio Track
                                        Valid values 0-7 or 15 for default track
 1700 - Request DVD Subtitle          | Returns 1700 message
 1701 - Request DVD Subtitle Count    | Returns 1701 message
 1702 - Request DVD Subtitle Names    | Returns 1702 message
 1703 - Set DVD Subtitle Track        | Set the DVD's Subtitle Track
                                        Valid values 0-31, also enables subtitle
 1704 - Hide DVD Subtitle             | Disable DVD Subtitles from showing
 1750 - Request DVD Angle             | Returns 1750 message
 1751 - Request DVD Angle Count       | Returns 1751 message
 1753 - Set DVD Angle                 | Set the DVD's Angle
                                        Valid Values 1-9
 1800 - Request File Name             | Returns 1800 message
 1810 - Request Play List             | Returns 1810 message
 1850 - Play File                     | Play a Media File, Value is a UTF8 encoded
                                        string containing the file name.
 1900 - Get Play List Index           | Returns 1900 message
 1910 - Set Play List Index           | Value from 0 to Number items in
                                        the play list-1 (plays the file in index).
 1920 - Clear Play List               | Clears the Current Play List
                                        (will close any playing file)
 1930 - Add Play List File            | Add a file to the Play List
 1940 - Select Play List Item         | Select an Item in the Play List
 1941 - DeSelect Play List Item       | Remove selection of a Play List item
 2200 - Request AR Mode               | Request the current ZP AR Mode
 2210 - Request DVD AR Mode           | Request the DVD AR Mode (see outgoing #2210)
 2300 - Request Audio Volume          | Request the Audio Volume Level
 3000 - Dismiss ZP Error              | Close the ZP Error message (if visible).
 5000 - Set Current Position          | Sets the Current Play Position (in seconds)
 5010 - Play DVD Title                | Plays a DVD Title (depends on DVD Navigation
                                        accepting the title).
 5020 - Play DVD Title,Chapter        | Same as 5010, Plays a DVD Title at a specific
                                        chapter, value of "1,5" plays Title #1, Chapter #5
                                        (without the "" of course).
 5030 - Play DVD Chapter              | Same as 5010, Plays a DVD Chapter in the
                                        current Title.
 5100 - Call ZP Function              | Calls a Zoom Player function
                                        by name (see skinning tutorial for list)
 5110 - Call ZP ExFunction            | Calls a Zoom Player extended function
                                        by name (see skinning tutorial for list)
                                        Format "exFunctionName,Value"
 5120 - Call ZP ScanCode              | Pass a keyboard scancode number to the
                                        Zoom Player Interperter (such as VK_DOWN),
                                        this can be used to access the Navigator
                                        interfaces, pass the scancode as a parameter.

#3 Mastiff



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Posted 22 June 2005 - 03:00 PM

OK, I gotta ask... When will the first attempts at a 3D GUI for renderless exclusive start to surface? That's really everything that's in my head rigth now! ;)

Oh, btw, I like the redesign and the mascott, and I know you need some extra revenue. But isn't it possible to have less annoying ads to do that with? Flashing and jumping like crazy!

Edit: And in the first mesage you say "Download v4.50 RC1". But I get to the RC2 download page.

#4 astensgaard



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Posted 23 June 2005 - 09:01 AM

any changes to the renderless mode ?

#5 bLight


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Posted 23 June 2005 - 09:10 AM

No changes to renderless mode. Renderless mode will stay as-is for this version and additional changes to renderless mode, including ZP OSD (navigators, control bar, etc...) support will be forthcoming in the next version.

And the Download RC1 thing was just a typo.

#6 Lupissimo



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Posted 23 June 2005 - 05:49 PM

In 4.5RC2 I noticed that in media playback ZP is restarted every time when you start a new avi, so that the desktop pops up briefly accompanied by a noise spike in the audio.

I find this rather annoying, but maybe there is a switch in the setup back to the behaviour of older versions where a change in the mediafile did not restart ZP?


#7 Nikse



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Posted 24 June 2005 - 05:37 AM

ZP RC2 only plays first entry in asx playlists. Works in last stable version but not in RC1/RC2.

#8 jevans64



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Posted 24 June 2005 - 09:58 AM

ZP RC2 only plays first entry in asx playlists. Works in last stable version but not in RC1/RC2.

Yes. I was just going to report this too after installing 4.50rc2, but I'll take your word that .asx playlists are still broken. :)

#9 dinosoup



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Posted 24 June 2005 - 07:35 PM

ZP still doesn't snap to the taskbar. :)

#10 Vern Dias

Vern Dias


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Posted 25 June 2005 - 02:56 PM

I am rather disappointed in the lack of progress I'm seeing in the area of renderless integration.

Blight, I know you have said that this is coming. However, for me at least, only one thing currently prevents renderless from a really good solution now.

That one thing is the lack of support for blanking in renderless mode. I would really appreciate it if that could be added sooner, rather than later.

The GUI stuff, would be nice, but it doesn't impact the functionality of the player for those of us with a Pronto or those using TCP/IP to control the player. The lack of blanking, however, does.


#11 cmaurice



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Posted 25 June 2005 - 06:44 PM

I have problem with the right click context menu.
In fullscreen mode, after installing RC2, the right click context menu doesn't appears.
Only if I make a right click on the window menu shows the context menu.

I have changed nothing after installing RC2 and it works normally in RC1...

#12 ckit



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Posted 27 June 2005 - 03:06 AM

ZP RC2 only plays first entry in asx playlists. Works in last stable version but not in RC1/RC2.

I can confirm this bug.

#13 mitko



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Posted 27 June 2005 - 07:16 AM

I'm still using 4.50RC1 (no time to upgrade) but as I don't see this in the changelog I decided to report it in this thread.
When I have ZP minimized to the taskbar (don't know if it happens when minimized to the systray) and there are no other windows on my desktop over the place where ZP window was I can see ZP's OSD (Play Pause NextFrame and so on) even though it's minimized. I'm controlling ZP with my remote through Girder if that has something to do with the problem.

#14 ehathgepiurhe


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Posted 28 June 2005 - 01:48 PM

Seeking performance has changed for the worse since RC1. I haven't changed anything on my PC except install RC2, and now about half my video's pause when you seek (click on a later or earlier time in the control bar). The pause lasts anywhere up to 5-6 seconds before playback resumes. There is also sometimes a similar pause in playback when you first double click on a file to play it in ZP.

#15 Guest_rayzor_*

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Posted 29 June 2005 - 06:00 AM

Well I've been using Zoomplayer for many years now and really appreciate all your effort.

I recently purchased a 6600GT and needed to switch to renderless. I have been running 4.5 RC2 and its working very well for me, the video is stunning.

Thanks very much !

#16 groovyclam



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Posted 29 June 2005 - 06:11 AM

If you set a default dir for the file navigator to always open on in ZP's settings then there is a minor but annoying problem...

If you open the navigator, navigate to a subdir, then navigate to, say, the 7th file down and open it...

Now open the file navigator again... the navigator opens on the default dir as you specified in the ZP settings *but* it it opens with the active highlight on the file/dir at position 7 in this dir ( which is not the file currently playing )

i.e. The positioning in the file navigator is remembered from the previous file opened - this behaviour is fine if no default dir is specified in ZP's settings for the file navigator but if you *do* specify a default dir, then this positioning will most likely be wrong if you navigate to files in subdirs.

If a default dir is specified then the best behaviour for the file nav on opening would be:

Is the file currently playing in the default dir ?
YES, then position the active highlight on that file.
NO, then position the active highlight at the top of the default dir list.

#17 bLight


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Posted 29 June 2005 - 04:36 PM

ZP doesn't restart when you load a new file. If you're running a new file by clicking in explorer than ZP will run, notice it's already running, pass along the parmeters of the newly loaded file to the already running instance and then close itself and let the currently running instance continue. This was found to be the most reliable way to get playback to work.

I know, ZP started using a 3rd party component to handle snapping as it worked better than the old code, except for the taskbar snapping. We've contacted the author and they told us they're fixing it, but... slow. Might not get fixed in this version.

Vern Dias:
I know, I know, but a call had to be made on when to release a new version and renderless mode could not have been improved enough to my liking in time. So I will do my best to release a version with blanking support in renderless mode as soon after the final is released. Blanking will be the first GUI feature for renderless. That's the best I can do at this time.

Context menu wouldn't work in fullscreen renderless exlcusive mode...

Can't confirm this... how are you minimizing?

No code has changed for seeking and I can't confirm this... Try reinstalling RC1 and see if the problem persists.

Might be a bug in the matching code somewhere, i'll look into it.

#18 mitko



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Posted 29 June 2005 - 04:46 PM

I don't do anything special with ZP.
I minimze it with it's minimize icon ... or may be by clicking on the ZP button in the taskbar ... not sure right now and I can't test it here at work... and afterwards I pause/play/stop/RW/FF it using Girder
well I've modified Girder's commands so that they send the WParam and LParam=0 as in the Brownfish plugin file example, not the keyboard shortcuts that ZP exports.
can this be the problem?

#19 bLight


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Posted 29 June 2005 - 04:55 PM

I can tell you that ZP checks if it's main window is minimized prior to showing these... so the only reason they may show is if the window isn't REALLY minimized.

#20 mitko



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Posted 29 June 2005 - 05:10 PM

I suppose you are right, but I do see it
I also noticed that the OSD shows up over the currently active window too even when ZP is not that wingow
is this by design? does this have to do with the other problem?

I've just tried it here at work. I also tried the exported .gml from ZP. The problem exists here too with either Girder Commands.

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