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MP4 files using ZoomPlayer

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#1 Arla



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Posted 11 February 2005 - 05:10 PM

Okay, I'm kinda new at playing around with this, so excuse me if this is a stupidly easy problem..

What I'm trying to do is see how movie files would be for a PSP using the 3GP_Converter,

Now I ripped a movie using DvDShrink, then I converted that to an MP4 file using 3GP and voila... a playable MP4 file, however Zoomplayer refuses to give me sound, Nero works fine (with sound too). I get fine picture from ZP.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm not sure on next steps since gspot doesn't recognize the file type properly I'm not sure I can test what codec is required (that maybe I don't have) I've only installed FFDShow, XVID and DIVX on my system currently (oh, and Pinnacle which I know installs some codecs).

#2 stian



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Posted 12 February 2005 - 02:29 AM

I had the same problem- mp4 with picture but no sound. Installing the AAC decoder & parser fixed it :o


I don't think you'll need the 3ivx splitter though.


#3 generalleoff



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Posted 12 February 2005 - 03:23 AM

What audio format does the PSP use for it's audio in an MP4 file anyway? If there using the most common MP4 setup the audio would be AAC but that would kinda mean the PSP is capable of playing AAC audio but sony has never said anything about AAC audio.

I wonder if it's able to play audio from an iPod (none DRM). There was early talk about that from Apple (Apple wanting to licence iPod technology to SONY making the PSP an iPod compatible device with the harddrive and all) but there was not much herd from SONY on that.

#4 generalleoff



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Posted 13 February 2005 - 06:03 AM

Somone posted a hacked translated version of the offical sony encoder software on a movie encoding forum so I grabed it to check it out. I wont tell anyone where to get it tohugh cuz it;s pirated software and this isnt the place for that.

Anyway the offical encoder uses DirectShow and comes with several cool things.

C:\Program Files\Sony\Image Converter 2>dir *.ax
Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is 1893-6B17

Directory of C:\Program Files\Sony\Image Converter 2

08/20/2004  03:28 PM            81,920 AudioTypeChange.ax
08/20/2004  03:28 PM            61,440 drpaace.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM          106,496 drpm4ve.ax
10/15/2004  09:58 AM          122,880 DrpMpegPushSource.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM            90,112 drpmpve.ax
10/15/2004  09:58 AM          135,168 FrameConverter.ax
08/20/2004  03:28 PM            77,824 LPCMConverter.ax
08/20/2004  03:28 PM            90,112 MediaComplementer.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM          102,400 Mp4FragmentMuxer.ax
10/20/2004  10:36 AM          106,496 Mp4OrdinaryMuxer.ax
10/01/2004  04:45 PM            57,344 QTSource.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM            49,152 RGBtoYUY2.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM            94,208 SMAD.ax
10/20/2004  10:36 AM          307,200 SMVD.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM            81,920 SonyFsConvFilter.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM            81,920 TranscodeAnalyzer.ax
10/15/2004  09:58 AM            53,248 TranscodeRenderer.ax
09/29/2004  02:07 PM            94,208 tssplt_s.ax
08/20/2004  03:28 PM            81,920 VCPSource.ax
              19 File(s)      1,875,968 bytes
              0 Dir(s)  4,628,819,968 bytes free

C:\Program Files\Sony\Image Converter 2>

Theres a mp4 source filter as well as an MP4 video decoder and AAC audio decoder. There is even an apple quicktime source filter going on file name (QTSource.ax) but I havent checked it yet.


This program broke AAC audio completly even in costom mode. I dont know how the hell it managed to do that... It even managed to un regester the 3vix splitter...

Way to go SONY :rolleyes:


Other then it killing AAC playback (I still dont know how and I still havent been able to fix it) there are some pretty cool stuff indeed. ;)

Posted Image

The AAC encoder is acctualy capable of some pretty high bitrates though the offical software dumbs it down to the PSP standard bitrate. I havent been able to conferm if the quality is there to match the bitrate as AAC playback is screwed up.

The MPEG4 video encode is also capable of some high bitrates but I didnt bother to encode anything outside of the offical software yet. The offical software restrics movies to 768k max but the encode is able to go well above that. Defult is 192k and anything above 96k fources you to keep the defult audio quality only. It definitly feels like sony crippled the PSP video playback to make UMD movies seem better...

There was infact a QT source filter for .MOV files that seems to work pretty good.

The MPEG audio and Video decoders are for MPEG 1 and 2 based stuff (like MP3 audio) and they seem pretty good. The Video decoder even has basic post processing for MPEG1 and 2 video and deinterlacing for mpeg2 video (untested). I havent yet realy tested it much tohugh to see if it can handle SVCD or CSS DVD (But I doubt it has CSS support).

The MPEG TS splitter is proly the most intresting. Has alot of options and theres even one regarding the brodcast flag with an option to turn it off (unless i'm understanding the options lable wrong) :D.

Posted Image